Edwin spent most of the day of the roof. He had put off cleaning the gutters to the point that foliage found life in them. As if weeding around the house weren’t enough, he was now weeding on the house…

It’s funny how weeds find their way into every crevice of neglect in our lives, literally and metaphorically speaking.

The shingles were also due to be replaced, but this would have to wait. At least another two years.

Today’s focus would be the poorly installed gutter that was pitching the wrong way. He was tired of the way rainwater pooled up at the center of the back of the house. It was as if every drop drained in that direction, slowly eroding the foundation until the water would eventually, with enough patience and persistence, make its way through.

He had intended to fix this for the past three years, since the day they moved in. The lower roof had started pulling away from the house, opening a new home for yellow jackets and more headaches. Admittedly, this was an issue he noticed before moving in, but pretended to himself it wasn’t a big deal. After all, purchasing the home was for her; for him, it was just another roadblock in the way of what he intended to be doing.

So three years later, here he was, finally tending to yet another issue he was fully aware of the day they closed. Fully aware that if he waited much longer, this issue might become a fullblown emergency.

Never mind the unsightly mold building up along the exposed foundation wall. He could deal with it on the front railings; it gave them character. Or so he told himself. He was always seeking another excuse to avoid the nagging responsibilities that confronted him.

The truth is, he never really intended to fix the gutter: he would have much preferred to never have had the problem in the first place.

But such wishes are pointless when it comes to homeownership.

When it comes to homeownership, one can pretty much expect all their wishes, hopes–and dreams–to vanish, along with the ability to ever entirely relax again. A new problem will arise every day, whether expected or unexpected, and not fixing it will not be an option, whether undesired…

Or fervently dreaded.